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The Company

Complete Dependable Water to Wire Solutions Provider for Your Hydroelectric Projects from 200kW to 30MW

Since 1992 NORCAN has been a leading Canadian manufacturer of best-in-class, high-performance, competitively priced hydropower turbines and Water to Wire technology delivering Total Cost Ownership Advantage (TCOA) solutions to the hydropower plant owners. NORCAN continues a long Canadian tradition of Hydroelectric turbine manufacturer best quality technology that started in 1867.

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Project Chaudière Québec Modernization +

Hydropower the Clean Energy of the Future since 1882

Modernization of the 106 years old Smooth Rock Falls hydropower plant +

The Goal

To support mitigating Climate Change with hydropower modern technologies

Hydroelectric power plants have a life cycle of several decades, typically 80 years or more. Several of them have well over 100 years of operation in North America. Over time, these hydropower plants went through various revitalization, upgrade, or modernization processes. NORCAN’s expertise with hydropower plant competencies has demonstrated over the years to design and manufacture their turbines with best in class state-of-the-art modern hydraulic geometries. By optimizing the hydroelectric equipment with modern technologies, NORCAN will increase the dependability and efficiency of your renewable energy hydropower plant. The immediate results are more power from the same structure, net flows, and net head, unlocking more kWh of sustainable, reliable annual green energy generation. In addition, modernization will maximize the revenues of any power station with competitive ROI on the capital investment cost while supporting building climate resilience step by step, one by one power station for a sustainable world.

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State of the Art Modern Technology with Best Efficiencies for more Power Output & Annual Energy Production


Engineered Solutions with Modern Technology

Propeller to KAPLAN Conversion
NORCAN Small Hydro Power Units PGS & PAT replacement
BARBER Hydro Turbines
Water to Wire
Shop Assembly & FAT
Installations & Commissioning


The hydropower brownfield projects are significant assets for their owners while providing proven sustainable resources mitigating climate change. They are critical elements for grid reliability, inertia, flexibility, and the fundamental pillar of governing the intermittency of wind and solar energy. They must remain on-line with dependable operations with increased annual energy production while providing the crucial renewable energy to build up climate resilience.


Propeller to KAPLAN Conversion

The crucial benefit of the NORCAN propeller turbine to a new KAPLAN turbine conversion with modern hydraulic geometries is the short lead time from design to production, optimizing the planned downtime for the modernization to a strict minimum. In addition, the benefit of NORCAN conversion is significantly increasing the power output and subsequently the annual sustainable energy production with no civil work, with the same rated net head, rated flows, and superior dependability, maximizing revenue for the owner with a competitive cost of ownership advantage.


NORCAN Small Hydro Power Units PGS & PAT replacement

NORCAN Plug & Generate Solution (PGS) and PAT replacement (Pump As Turbine) is factory assembled as an integral one-piece unit with a direct drive between the turbine and PMG generator (Permanent Magnet Generator). The direct-drive removes the weak link in the hydro generating units, the gearbox, drastically increasing...


BARBER Hydro Turbines

BARBER Hydro Turbines were very good turbines and equipment in the ’80s. After decades of operation, the 1600 plus installed BARBER Turbines have passed their prime design life cycle. NORCAN has already performed several repairs, modernization, or replacement on BARBER turbines.


Water to Wire

NORCAN water to wires solution from a single source, ensures that all components and deliverables fit and work together as engineered for decades of dependable operations with preventive, predictive operations and maintenance.


Shop Assembly & FAT

Shop assembly for fit and finish, the most critical element to compliance, best-in-class quality made and assembled in Canada, on-time delivery during installation and commissioning. NORCAN is 100% fully committed to total customer satisfaction!


Installations & Commissioning

NORCAN installations team consists of actively experienced crews from NORCAN FTE’s (P.Eng & Red Seal Technicians) with the support of 11 tenured independent contractors (IC) who have worked with NORCAN for the last 20 years on most of their hydro projects.

Engineering R&D Project Management

Highly Integrated Concurrent Engineering Holistic Approach


NORCAN engineering and R&D provide a highly integrated and holistic approach to concurrent engineering, with skilled and experienced multidisciplinary professional engineers and drafting designers with cross-functional working teams.



NORCAN R&D in-house computational fluid dynamics CFD, FEA, and FMEA analysis. NORCAN engineers are now collaborating with a world leading turbine hydraulic fluid machinery dynamic laboratories located in Austria supporting NORCAN top modern hydraulic geometries based on homologous runners.

NORCAN R&D capability is coupled with optimization tools using integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) to leverage machine learning in order to reach better solutions in less time than conventional optimizers while working with more degrees of freedom.


Project Management

NORCAN project management is a flawless process that has an integrated multidisciplinary group approach with concurrent engineering forming the basis for best-in-class quality, with on-time delivery for total customer satisfaction.


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Join the Canadian leader in hydropower turbine design

Do you want to join the Canadian leader in hydropower turbine design, manufacturing, and renewable energy, best-in-class made in Canada? Do you want to be part of a great team while doing your part to battle climate change? Work minutes away from Ottawa, Canada capital, one of Canada’s most beautiful cities. We are looking for a dedicated team player and talented individuals to join NORCAN, an agile and dynamic company doing its part in mitigating climate change while building climate resilience for a sustainable world step by step!


Why Norcan?

The Voice of Customers, the 12 Points Factor

Choosing NORCAN means having an approved, and qualified partner for most IPP’s, Utilities, Quasi-Gov, and Municipalities in Canada and the United States. Several of these recurring customers are the most significant in North America. They choose NORCAN because they team up with a trusted partner that will go beyond their expectations for total customer satisfaction. The quality of a relationship may often take years to be recognized, NORCAN is and always will be there to serve you and your hydroelectric assets!

Reputation, dependability, and integrity, NORCAN is a very well-respected brand name in Canada and the United States. The result of the NORCAN owner's philosophy is whatever it takes for total customer satisfaction.


NORCAN team is well known and valued by customers for taking ownership of their projects as a single point of responsibility. It's in the company's DNA.


Strategically located workshop where quality turbines and components are manufactured in North America, best-in-class made in Canada, with core components sourced in Canada and the United States, is essential for several North American customers.


High level of qualification, knowledge, quality craftsmanship, and expertise from the NORCAN team.


Experienced, competent, and reliable field services team during installation and after-sales.


For over 20 years, the same NORCAN personnel have been working with recurring customers. They know how to work together for flawless execution with on-time delivery.


High level of customer experience and satisfaction throughout the process from sales, engineering, procurement, project management, on-time delivery, installation, commissioning, and after-sales services.


Quality, efficiency, performance, dependable best-in-class hydropower generating equipment with proven Total Cost Ownership Advantage (TCOA) solutions to the hydropower plant owners.


Highest level of turbine efficiency in cooperation with one of Europe's most respected hydraulic fluid machinery dynamic laboratories from Austria. Unique expertise in the market for FRANCIS Camelback, propeller turbine to highly efficient KAPLAN conversions. Modern hydraulic geometries significantly increase the power output and annual energy production, thus maximizing revenue.


Due to NORCAN'S local manufacturing and proximity to most projects, there are no risks from overseas logistics while reducing their carbon footprint. Carbon Footprint reduction is becoming an essential topic for large investment firms who finance and invest in renewable energy to support the fight against climate change as a responsible steward to the environment.


Extreme flexibility and customization level to fit the most complex project sites with a total tailor-made solution to site-specific. NORCAN local workshop proximity and expertise are crucial in reducing downtime and highly relevant in the modernization of brownfield projects from the perspective of project owners and plant operators .


Four significant IPP's and utilities customers in Canada and the United States. work exclusively with NORCAN for their hydro assets projects and future development.



We at Gemini Power Smooth Rocks Falls Project 10.9 MW have been extremely pleased with all aspects of our relationship with NORCAN Hydraulic Turbines, including Original equipment design and manufacture, Quality & Cost control, Timeliness of supply, Experienced field erection services, Technical advice, and support, as well as after commissioning follow up support.

Alastair Wilson

Gemini General Manager

Bracebridge Generation has been a customer of Norcan Hydraulic since 2005 and we currently own 6 Norcan units totaling 16.5 MW. Norcan worked very closely with us in these 5 redevelopment projects and they were extremely responsive to our needs. Timelines were always met, costs were within budgets and unit performance met or exceeded expectations. Norcan’s customer service is exemplary and they are a pleasure to work with.

John Stasiuk, P. Eng

Generation Supervisor Bracebridge Generation Ltd.

Our City Council actually applauded when I told them the modernized unit would get there in February, great job on expediting from your end! Pelican Hydropower Station 600kW

Walt Weller

Mayor City of Pelican Alaska

We at Grand River Conservation Authority have been very satisfied with the Norcan equipment and working relationship with Norcan staff. There are Norcan turbines installed at two of the site where GRCA produces hydro, we are impressed with the quality of their product and their commitment to ongoing customer service and support. Simply put they stand behind their product and that’s appreciated.

Dwight Boyd

Director of Engineering Grand River Conservation Authority