Project Management

Project Management – Dynamic Project Scheduling

NORCAN Project Management flawless process is a highly integrated multidisciplinary group approach with concurrent engineering forming the basis for best-in-class quality, with on-time delivery for total customer satisfaction. The project management structure with flat hierarchies and clear responsibilities is fully committed to NORCAN’s detailed Work Instruction Manuals (DWIM) – quality assurance – quality control – quality management processes, and ISO compliances. The project managers are experienced and skilled professional engineers with vast experience in complex and demanding projects, especially brownfield modernizations. This includes seamless integration of project management with sales, engineering, QA-QC quality management, ISO compliance, supply chain management, planning, production, services, installation, and commissioning for greater reliance on on-time delivery.

Comprehensive project planning forms the basis for success. NORCAN, a highly qualified Project Manager, remains true to this principle by comprehensively testing and professionally managing every hydropower project’s design right down to the smallest detail. In extensive discussions with; engineering R&D, client, and the client’s own consulting engineer, and NORCAN production, sourcing, ideas, and project details are collected, deliverables are clarified, milestones are determined, and the implementation plans are determined are drawn up.  The responsible project manager and the customer consulting engineer make a detailed project schedule and regularly check and update it accordingly throughout the implementation phase to ensure that it is up-to-date and on schedule. This ensures on-time delivery with best-in-class quality made in Canada.