Kaplan Vertical Double Regulation

Kaplan turbines are reaction type of turbines. They are the most common type of turbines today for low head. Victor Kaplan developed this type of turbine in 1913. The first Kaplan turbine was installed in the Podebrady powerhouse located in the Czech Republic in 1919. Kaplan turbines are used with low to medium heads. Station owners can greatly benefit from the added control that comes with the adjustable blades of a Kaplan turbine. Norcan can design and manufacture a Kaplan solution to meet the needs of a hydropower project.

Madawaska, New Brunswick

For this new powerhouse, we supplied a complete water to wire package. One of the main components of this package was a vertical 4 MW Kaplan turbine. It has a runner diameter of 138.5 in., 3250 mm. Norcan's scope of work included engineering, project management, manufacturing, supply of generator, supply of controls, installation, and commissioning. Norcan provides innovative turbine solutions.

Peterson Dam, Vermont

Modernization of a site with a new Kaplan vertical double regulated runner and wicket gates. The runner had a diameter of 104.25 in., 2648 mm, 6345 kW. Norcan's scope of work included engineering, project management, manufacturing of the runner and wicket gates, dismantling, installation, and commissioning. This project stood out because it required field machining. With modernization projects, there can sometimes be surprises. But Norcan's field services has the experience, skills and are capable of doing field machining to deal with surprises. Norcan provides innovative turbine solutions.