Modernization a Win-Win Investment for a Dependable Sustainable Future Maximizing Revenues

The hydropower brownfield projects are significant assets for their owners.  They are critical for grid reliability and resilience. They must remain online with dependable operations while providing the much-needed green energy to support the fight against climate change.  Modernizing the old hydropower plants aims to mitigate the lost efficiencies and dependability due to mechanical and electrical aging to render them dependable.  The significant benefit from brownfield project modernization is the increased output from the turbine, with modern hydraulic geometries increasing the turbine power output.  Subsequently, the generator power output will increase, and thus, the annual energy production gain for more green energy results in more revenues for the asset owner. By the modernization of the MBoP (Mechanical Balance of Plant) and the EBop (Electrical Balance of Plant) / W2W (full EPIC = Electrical, Protection, Instruments, and Control), the level of reliability will significantly ascend, and downtimes descend. The preservation and enhancement of existing generating stations through the modernization of turbine, generator, and eBOP is a win-win investment to mitigate climate change with more sustainable energy, grid reliability, and support climate resilience. The project owner maximizes revenues while extending the project life cycle another 40 to 50 years if maintained with preventive and predictive maintenance.

The Challenges but Significant Benefits of Brownfield Modernization to Support Climate Resilience

The well-known challenge of brownfield modernization is that it takes experts with long-standing expertise to modernize them successfully on time and within budget.  Brownfield projects are old structures.  Some of them are historic buildings, have a corroded environment, logistical issues, budget constraints, and allegedly as-built plans that aren’t delivering challenges during the project’s execution.  NORCAN has over 29 years of expertise in the brownfield modernization field, a strong reputation, and a proven track record of projects delivered on time, with the best quality, high-efficiency gains, and on-budget.  Customers benefit from the predictable results of a strong team of engineers, technicians, technologists, machinists, welders, dismantling team, and installation team. NORCAN is your proven one-strong team for your modernization project, one-stop provider, one-point of contact delivering results with state-of-the-art, best-in-class quality made in Canada, with after-sales services for total customer satisfaction.

NORCAN Commitments for your Brownfield Modernization
of your Hydropower Plant Project

  • One-Strong Team
  • One-Stop Provider
  • One-Point-of-Contact
  • NORCAN, take ownership of their commitments for your project from inspection, site surveys and assessments to the successful commissioning and after-sales.
  • Optimal Reliable Engineered Solution from our Engineering-R&D
  • Increase the Power Output and the Efficiencies for the turbine and generator
  • Increase the Annual Energy Production
  • eBOP modernization for Best-in-Class Automation, Protection System, SCADA and Digitalization
  • Mechanical Balance of plan
  • Increase reliability, safety and dependability
  • State-of-the-Art, Best Quality made in Canada
  • On-time Delivery with Competitive Pricing
  • Competitive Lead-time from Contract, Delivery, to Commissioning and Commercial Operations from our ”local” Workshop in Canada
  • Operations and Maintenance Personnel Training
  • After Sales Services Contract for increased Reliability and Dependability from Preventive to Predictive Maintenance
  • Solutions Provider to Maximize the Revenues of your Hydropower Plant Modernization.