Francis Camelback

Norcan is the leader in Francis Camelback turbine technology for station modernization. Thereby, providing a significant increase in power output and sustainable annual energy production for our clients. The Norcan Francis Camelback turbine design includes modern runners, with Norcan's exclusive wicket gate regulation that have enhanced casings for increased efficiency. Our modernization may increase the output of by 15% to 20%. Using the same rated head, rated flows, and without extensive civil work. Also, in some cases, even keeping the same inlet and draft tube.

Chaudière Falls GS2, Québec

When the client made the difficult decision to replace their three Francis Quad Camelback turbines. They knew exactly what they wanted. They needed the turbines to be reliable. They had to be highly efficient. And lastly, they needed to have minimal operation and maintenance costs. Norcan delivered on these goals. With the delivery of three new Francis Quad (Yes Quad!) Camelback turbines with wicket gate regulation. The runners are 64 in., 1320 mm, 1000 kW. For a total station capacity of 12 MW. Norcan provided, engineering, fabrication of the turbines, dismantling, installation and commissioning. Norcan provides innovative turbine solutions.

Bonny Eagle, Maine

The turbine, which had been in operation since 1910 suffered a catastrophic failure. The client wanted to replace the turbine with a modern one. But one that still fit within the existing pressure case. Norcan met both these objectives by providing a new Francis Camelback turbine with wicket gates regulation. The runners are 52 in., 1320 mm. The turbine provides 1960 kW of power. Norcan's scope of supply included, engineering, fabrication of the turbine, dismantling, installation, and commissioning. Norcan provides innovative turbine solutions.