Propeller to Kaplan Conversion

Propeller Turbine Conversion To Kaplan Turbine  Single or Double Regulated

Norcan’s innovative expertise is on display yet again. Norcan can convert a station from an old propeller turbine to a Kaplan turbine, with single or double regulation for greater efficiency. This conversion has numerous benefits to the station owners. No structural changes to the power station, very little civil work to install the wicket gates’ regulation, and the turbine runner diameter remains the same. The turbine power output is significantly increased. Thus, increasing the revenues for station owners. These projects have an average power output gain in the range of 20% to 34%. With the same flow rate and rated net head. There is a short lead time from design to production. This minimizes the planned downtime for the modernization.  Also, the old turbine remains in operation until the installation of the new Kaplan turbine. Norcan’s conversion design technology is a game changer for existing hydropower stations.

Gorge 18, Vermont

This project is an excellent example of the benefits of the propeller to Kaplan conversion upgrade. The client wanted to increase the efficiency of the station and be able to generate when the water flow was lower. Unfortunately, they were not able reach these goals because of the existing propeller turbine. The propeller turbine could not be adjusted to account for the change in flow. Because of this problem, when the flow was lower, the efficiency of the propeller decreased. And when the water flow was too low, the unit had to be completely shut down. The propeller turbine was limiting the station. Norcan understood the limitations and went to work to find a solution to the client’s problem. The result was the installation of a vertical double regulated Kaplan turbine. The station went from 3.4MW to 4.0 MW in power output. A 22% increase. With Norcan’s help, the client was able to reach their goals. Norcan provides innovative turbine solutions.

Scotland Dam, Connecticut

Because the station's existing propeller turbine could not keep up with changes in the water level, the efficiency of the station decreased and the annual output suffered. The Barber propeller turbine was replaced with a new vertical Kaplan, double regulated turbine. The new Kaplan runner has a diameter of 106.3 in., 2000 mm. This new Kaplan turbine provided greater control to better deal with the changing water levels. Allowing the station to operate at a higher efficiency. And enabled them to generate at times where before, because of the propeller turbine, they were not able to. Norcan's scope of work included, engineering, project management, manufacturing of the runners and wicket gates, dismantling, installation, and commissioning. Norcan provides innovative turbine solutions.