PAT (Pump-As-Turbine) Replacement

PAT Replacement With Norcan Innovation

Pump-As-Turbine (PAT) is a low-cost alternative to tailor-made designed hydro turbines for micro and small hydro projects. However, an inverted submerged pump acting as a turbine, is prone to severe cavitation on their blades. This often requires new blades, or new runners, resulting in a reduced life cycle.

Norcan has developed a significant game changer in the modernization of existing PAT equipment. The Plug & Generate Solution (PGS) is factory assembled as a one-piece unit with a direct-drive between the turbine and PMG generator (Permanent Magnet Generator). The direct-drive removes the weak link in some hydro generating units, the gearbox. Its removal drastically increases reliability and removes the threat of oil/grease contamination of water by the gearbox.

Our exclusive wide-angle Kaplan Saxo turbine (Z-Type) design is able to fit into a tight powerhouse footprint. This solution also allows for a genuine hydropower site-specific Kaplan turbine with vastly enhanced power output. It is a superior solution to a PAT modernization.


Norcan PSG new runner modernization

Typical condition of PAT unit in need of repair or modernization

North Division Street, New York

Complete PAT replacement with a Kaplan Saxo turbine (Z-Type) and a generator. The station had been running for twenty-two years. The site owner had to make the difficult decision to stop producing power. The reason why they came to this decision was because there was an increase in mechanical failures and an increase in maintenance costs. In addition to this, the PAT configuration, because of its inflexibility restricted the conditions as to when they could generate. Once the flows reached a certain level, the system had to be turned off. This restriction was really noticeable during the late summer months. In consulting with engineers, the decision was made to refurbish the station. They needed a new turbine, and generator. That’s when Norcan got involved. We provided a vertical, double regulated Kaplan Saxo turbine (Z-Type) and a generator. The new runner has a diameter of 59.05 in., 1500 mm. There was an increase in total capacity from 750 kW to 1175 kW. This new turbine allowed them to generate at lower flow levels. Thus, allowing them to generate in the months of July, August and September. Months that they previously weren’t able to. And overall, there was a sizeable increase in their annual kilowatt hours. Norcan provides innovative turbine solutions.