Norcan Provides Innovative Turbine Solutions

Norcan’s engineering team excels in innovative turbine solutions for all types of projects. The solutions are designed to deliver decades of dependable operations and maximum revenue for our customers.

Norcan’s design data for highly stressed hydraulic surfaces is transferred to the CNC processing machines via CAM programs. Norcan’s modern hydraulic components are optimized for maximum efficiency through in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics.

For turbine, or runner project modernizations, Norcan captures all of the existing turbine’s data through the use of 3D laser measuring technology. Ensuring that every minute detail is captured.

Norcan uses proprietary software tools to facilitate automated shape generation and simulation. We have developed in-house software to construct a digital twin of a turbine in a virtual environment. Any turbine configuration can be constructed and simulated.

Norcan has also developed a unique code to advance the generation of turbine blades. Improving the accuracy, flexibility, and sensitivity of blade parameters.

Norcan's Engineering Core of Competencies

  • Design selection
  • Robust knowledge system created by the lesson learned from previous projects
  • Complete power plant definition, simulations, and analysis
  • FEA, FMEA, and CFD analysis
  • CAD to CNC processing machines via CAM programs
  • Casting, forging, weldment, machined part model to draw
  • Generator definition
  • eBOP, control, protection, switchgear, substation, and digitalization system
  • Gearbox definition
  • Unique proven problem solving abilities for complex project issues
  • Strong multidisciplinary engineering expertise (hydraulic, and mechanical)
  • Design, including civil construction optimizing that leads to increased annual energy production
  • Innate concepts, visions, and ideas for greenfield, or brownfield projects
  • Mechanical and hydraulic balance of plant definition