Kaplan Axial Flow S-Type Turbine

Kaplan Axial Flow S-Type Turbine

Kaplan axial flow S-Type turbine, is a double regulated horizontal axis turbine with a conical distributor, consistent with the IEC 61364 code. The most significant advantage of this type of Kaplan turbine versus other types of Kaplans is the compact structure. It provides a noticeable advantage with excellent accessibility of major components. It allows for simplified civil construction work, no deep, costly excavation is required. It is ideal for any hydropower project. A Norcan designed and manufactured Kaplan axial flow S-Type turbine will significantly increase the total capacity and reliability of any hydropower station.

Cascade Street, Ontario

This project was the redevelopment of an already existing site. A powerhouse that had been built in 1919 was demolished to make way for a new hydropower station. The old powerhouse had a total capacity of 1.2 MW. In 2017, Norcan provided a Kaplan axial flow S-Type 90.5 in., 2300 mm, 3.2 MW turbine. In addition to this, Norcan provided engineering, project management, supply of the generator, installation and commissioning. The output of the site went from 1.2 MW to 3.2 MW. Norcan provides innovative turbine solutions.

Wilson Falls, Ontario

An expansion project that increased the total capacity to over four times the original generating capacity with a new generating unit and a Kaplan S-Type turbine. Total capacity went from 600 kW to 2721 kW. The new Kaplan runner has a diameter of 83 in., 2108 mm. Norcan's scope of work included engineering, project management, manufacturing of the turbine, supply of the generator, installation, and commissioning.