Building Footprint

22,200-sq. ft. 2,062 m2 Manufacturing Facility, including: 800 sq. ft. 74.32 m2 (Grinding Area)

1,500-sq. ft. 139.3 m2 Welding Area (incl. 7.5 ton Overhead Crane)

6,000-sq. ft. 445.9 m2 Light Machining Area (incl. 5 ton Overhead Crane)

3,800-sq. ft. 353.0 m2 Assembly Area (incl. 20 ton Overhead Crane)

3,200-sq. ft. 297.2 m2 Engineering & Administrative Office 1300 sq. ft. 120.7 m2 (Covered Storage Area)

13,600-sq. ft. 1,263.4 m2 Open Fenced Storage Area


Canadian pride in a job done well, quality craftmanship and sound management principles are combined to create customized equipment at an elite level. This combination is reinforced by our ISO-9001 Quality Management System to deliver projects as intended with no surprises. The result is a worry-free experience for our clients.