Francis Conventional

Francis Turbine Conventional

Considering a new greenfield project, or a modernization project? Norcan's Francis conventional turbine (vertical or horizontal), will significantly increase the power output and annual energy production. This is the result of Norcan's innovative engineered solutions. Norcan's fundamental strategy is to increase their Francis turbine range efficiencies for the benefit of the hydropower plant owners. The Smooth Rocks Falls modernization project below is a glowing example of this. The power output was increased by 38%, using the same rated head, same rated flows and with no changes to the civil structure. Norcan provided a solution that increased output, increased efficiency and increased reliability, thereby increasing revenue for the foreseeable future.

Smooth Rocks Falls, Ontario

Norcan successfully completed the modernization of a plant that has been in operation since 1916. It had an existing power output of 7.4 MW. The two new Francis vertical turbines with combined capacity of 10.9 MW, increased the power output by 38%. This was done using the same structure (no civil work), same rated head and the same rated flows. We designed and manufactured two new Francis vertical 100 in., 2544 mm, 5134 kW turbines. Norcan's scope of supply also included the onsite assembly of two split generators, due to logistic issues and the capacity limitations of the station's crane.

Sutherland Falls, Vermont

Modernization of the existing powerhouse that was built in 1905. The site was updated with three new Francis vertical 35 in., 898 mm, 1711 kW turbines. Plus one new Francis vertical runner, 39.94 in., 1014 mm, 2173 kW, with a new shaft and distributor. Norcan for this project provided, engineering, manufacturing of turbines and a runner, supply of balance of plant, generators, water to wire, dismantling, installation and commissioning. Green Mountain Power was awarded a Low Impact Hydropower Institute certificate (number 128) for this site. Congratulations to Green Mountain Power on this fantastic accomplishment!