Smooth Rocks Falls 10.2 MW, Ontario modernization of the 105 years old hydropower plant delivering +38% power output increase

NORCAN successfully completed the modernization of the 105 years old hydropower plant in operation since 1916, which had an existing power output of 7.4 MW. The two new NORCAN FRANCIS vertical turbines of 10.2 MW combined increased the power output by + 38% with the same structure (no civil work), same rated head, same rated flows! 10.2 MW Installed Capacity 2 x FRANCIS Vertical 5134kW 128.5 RPM ∅ 100-in (2544mm). NORCAN scope of supply included dismantling of the old generating units, Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing, Fabrication of Turbines, installation and commissioning.  NORCAN additional scope of supply included the complete reassembly and installation of two new dismantled 100-t generators due to logistics and the powerhouse crane capacity limitation challenges.   NORCAN work included the rotor poles, stator coils installation with coils brazing connections, testing, and commissioning.

NORCAN is your dependable holistic hydroelectric power plant system integrator & solutions provider. Best quality made in Canada with core components sourced in Canada and the U.S.A.  You can depend on Team NORCAN for your hydroelectric projects for a highly efficient W2W package increasing the annual energy production for a sustainable future, supporting building climate resilience while maximizing the power plant revenue for decades of dependable operations.

The Smooth Rocks Falls redevelopment and modernization generating over 38% the previous hydropower assets power output with NORCAN high performances FRANCIS turbines demonstrate that hydropower is an essential part of mitigating climate change, and supporting the climate resilience.