Installations & Commissioning

NORCAN Installations team under the management and supervision of our Site Inspector consists of actively experienced crews from NORCAN FTE’s (P.Eng & Red Seal Technicians). Their expertise and dedication are paramount for the most complex and demanding projects, especially in modernization. NORCAN installation team has a well-documented track record of installing the most complex solutions with high productivity, quality, and high level demonstrated safety records following NORCAN stringent Quality Policy, ED&I Policy, and the HSE Policy for QA-QC-QMS and ISO Compliance with DWIM processes. NORCAN expertise isn’t limited to their turbine installation. For example, on the Smooth Rocks Falls Ontario project, due to logistic restrictions and the powerhouse lifting capacity limitation, NORCAN holistic competencies craftsmanship included installing two completely dismantled new large low RPM generators of 5.2 MW @ 128 RPM of 100-t metric each.

Customers choose NORCAN because they team up with a trusted partner who will exceed their expectations for total customer satisfaction. Although the quality of a relationship may often take years to be recognized, NORCAN is and always will be there to serve you and your hydroelectric assets!  NORCAN delivers on-time installation and commissioning with the best quality made in Canada for decades of dependable operations!