BARBER Hydro Turbines

BARBER Hydro Turbine – NORCAN is your Total OEM, Repair and New Turbine Replacement Service Center to Extend the Life Cycle of Your Assets Maximizing your Revenue for Decades

In 2013, NORCAN acquired through a buyout from BARBER Hymac Hydro all of their BARBER assets turbine design and data.   These assets include turbine design (except their outdated runner’s geometries), OEM parts design, specifications, and complete clients list from North and South America (including other parts of the world) are now NORCAN.  BARBER Turbines were originally Chas BARBER incorporated in Canada in 1867.

NORCAN is ready to perform all necessary repair, replacement, or upgrade with newer technology with improved efficiencies with state-of-the-art modern hydraulic geometries on all BARBER FRANCIS, S-Type, and KAPLAN turbines that have passed their life cycle.

NORCAN is your only BARBER Hydro Turbines Full Services Center Partner, ready to extend the life cycle of your BARBER Turbine hydropower plant for an additional 50 years.

BARBER Hydro Turbines were very good turbines and equipment in the ’80s.  After decades of operation, the installed BARBER Turbines have passed their prime design life cycle.  NORCAN has already performed several repairs, modernization, or replacement on BARBER turbines.  NORCAN knows from experience that most BARBER turbines are in significant need of overdue service, repair, or complete new turbine replacement.

NORCAN services, design, manufacturing, and support includes:

NORCAN services, design, manufacturing, and support includes:

  • OEM parts from BARBER drawings with NORCAN improvement with new modern design and technology.
  • On-site repair work.
  • Runner, blades, wicket-gates, hub, shaft repair, or OEM part replacement bring back your annual energy generation like when your BARBER turbine was new. Or better with NORCAN improved design and efficiencies.
  • New turbine runner upgrade for FRANCIS, KAPLAN based on NORCAN modern hydraulic geometries profile technology for higher efficiencies resulting in more kWh with competitive ROI.
  • Complete new NORCAN FRANCIS, S-Type KAPLAN turbine design with the same foot-print to avoid civil work with higher efficiencies and output for more kWh and increased Annual Energy Production for competitive ROI
  • Modernize your hydropower plant asset with a new Control / Supervisory / Protection / Digitalization System for enhanced annual energy production with higher reliability and lower downtimes due to NORCAN state-of-the-art technologies.

After being in operation since the 80’s this is typically the condition of your BARBER turbine. Extend the Life Cycle of your BARBER Turbine for an additional 40 to 50 years with NORCAN

BARBER Propeller upgraded with a new KAPLAN runner Single Regulation by NORCAN with modern hydraulic geometries for increased efficiencies for more kW output and Annual Energy Production to maximize revenue and dependable operations.

BARBER FRANCIS upgraded with a new FRANCIS runner by NORCAN with modern hydraulic geometries and Distributor Refurbishment with New Wicket Gates by NORCAN for increased efficiencies for more kW output and Annual Energy Production maximizing revenue and dependable operations.

Short survey of selected sample projects of BARBER Turbines modernized, refurbished, repaired, or complete power plant expansion by NORCAN.

The City of Pelican Alaska

BARBER Turbines Francis 600 kW repair and refurbishment. The context: the turbine had encountered recurring problems with several bearing failures (DE & NDE) that finally damaged the turbine shaft. As a result, the generating unit was out of operation for several months forcing the small community of 76 inhabitants to use their standby Diesel generator for months at exorbitant costs. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, international borders closure due to the pandemic creating logistic challenges, NORCAN executed the repair and refurbishment in their shop in record time to help the people of Pelican expeditiously. The root cause of the failure of the bearings was quickly identified and corrected by NORCAN with a new shaft and new engineered bearing frame to support the new bearings type (DE & NDE). In addition, NORCAN work included refurbishing the complete distributor, wicket gates, wicket gates ring, runner, new flywheel, and new lubrication unit. The refurbishment performed by NORCAN ensures decades of reliable, clean energy and mitigates the town of Pelican using their standby Diesel generator.

Bracebridge Ontario four times the power output increase from 600 kW to 2446 kW

BARBER Turbine, the complete new power plant replacement, modernization, and expansion to over four-times its original generating capacity with a new powerhouse and modern generating unit with 1 x new NORCAN KAPLAN S-Type from 600 kW to 2446 kW gain in power output - 257 RPM – New KAPLAN runner diameter 2108-mm / 83-in. 2.44 MW KAPLAN S-Type with NORCAN modern hydraulic geometries and new generator delivery, W2W, with over four times the previous power output, drastically increasing the annual energy production for decades of reliable renewable energy. Best quality made in Canada with core components sourced in Canada and the U.S.A.

Scotland Connecticut

BARBER Turbine Propeller replacement with 1 x new NORCAN KAPLAN vertical double regulated from 2170 kW to 2348 kW gain in power output from Propeller to KAPLAN conversion -150 RPM – New KAPLAN runner diameter 2000-mm / 106.30-in. 2.34 MW KAPLAN Double Regulated with NORCAN modern hydraulic geometries for more power output, and decades of dependable renewable energy maximizing revenue for the owner’s investment. Best quality made in Canada with core components sourced in Canada and the U.S.A.