NORCAN World of Projects

New York, USA

NORCAN Short Survey of Installed Projects with Turbines Types

KAPLAN Axial Flow Saxo turbine (Z-Type KAPLAN)

North Division Street 1.17 MW, City of Auburn New York 46% gain in Power Output

PAT (Pump As Turbine) complete replacement with 1 x KAPLAN Saxo turbine (Z-Type KAPLAN) with Generator from 800 kW to 1175 kW + 46.87% gain in power output. New NORCAN KAPLAN Saxo (Z-Type KAPLAN) runner diameter 1500-mm / 59.05-in. NORCAN exclusive “Complex-Angle” KAPLAN Saxo turbine (Z-Type KAPLAN) to fit in a tight powerhouse footprint due to restrictions in building space adjacent to a busy street. This innovative solution allows a genuine hydropower site-specific KAPLAN turbine with vastly enhanced power output (superior solution to a PAT modernization) with modern hydraulic geometries turbine runner, increasing the sustainable annual energy production supporting the climate resilience with decades of dependable operations maximizing revenue. NORCAN scope of work included engineering, R&D, Design, Project Management, Manufacturing of the Turbine, supply of the Generator and W2W, Installation by GRACON LLC, and Commissioning with best quality state-of-the-art made in Canada from core components sourced in Canada and the U.S.A.