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Maine, USA

NORCAN Installed Project with Turbine Type

FRANCIS Turbine Camelback

Bonny Eagle 2 MW, Maine. Low Impact Hydropower Institute Certificate #182

Modernization with 1 x new NORCAN FRANCIS Camelback with Wicket Gates regulation runners Ø 52-in (1320-mm) 240 RPM 2 x 1.96MW with NORCAN modern hydraulic geometries for more power output with NORCAN Exclusive Wicket Gates regulation with enhanced casing geometries for top efficiencies significantly increasing the annual energy production for a sustainable future supporting building climate resilience while maximizing the power plant revenue for decades of dependable operations. NORCAN scope of supply Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing, Fabrication of the Turbine, dismantling, installation, and commissioning, best quality made in Canada with core components sourced in Canada and the U.S.A. The Brookfield's Bonny Falls project of 2.0 MW, Maine, was awarded a Low Impact Hydropower Institute certificate # 182. NORCAN is privileged, proud, and honored to have been part of this significant sustainable project modernization with NORCAN high-performance generating units ensuring decades of sustainable dependable operations. In addition, the LIHI certificate exemplifies that Brookfield is a proven good steward of the environment and demonstrates that hydropower is an essential part of mitigating climate change and supporting climate resilience.