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Chile, South America

NORCAN Installed Projects with Turbine Type

FRANCIS Vertical Conventional

Coya Unit 5 - 12.5 MW, Chile

12.1 MW is the result of a 40% increase in Reverse Engineering from NORCAN R&D department with 1 x FRANCIS Vertical 12100 kW 428 RPM ∅ 44.6-in (1133 mm) New Shaft and Runner replacement for a hydropower generating station in a mine with NORCAN modern hydraulic geometries for more power output significantly increasing the annual energy production offsetting the dependence from the national grid as an isolated grid for a sustainable future supporting building climate resilience with decades of dependable operation drastically mitigating the mining industry Carbon Footprint. NORCAN scope of supply Engineering, R&D Reverse Engineering, Manufacturing, Fabrication of the Turbine runner, dismantling, installation and commissioning, best quality made in Canada with core components sourced in Canada and the U.S.A.