City of Pelican, Alaska

The City of Pelican Alaska – BARBER Francis turbine of 600 kW repair and upgrade.  The context: the turbine had encountered recurring problems with several bearing failures (DE & NDE) that finally damaged the turbine shaft.  As a result, the generating unit was out of operation for several months forcing the small community of 76 inhabitants to use their standby Diesel generator for months at exorbitant costs.  Despite the adversity of COVID-19 restrictions, international borders closure due to the pandemic creating logistic challenges, NORCAN executed the repair and refurbishment in their shop in record time to help the people of Pelican expeditiously.  The root cause of the failure of the bearings was quickly identified and corrected by NORCAN with a new shaft and new engineered bearing frame to support the new bearings type (DE & NDE).  In addition, NORCAN work included the refurbishment of the complete distributor, wicket gates, wicket gates ring, runner, new flywheel, and new lubrication unit.  The refurbishment performed by NORCAN will ensure decades of reliable, clean energy and mitigate the town of Pelican using their standby Diesel generator.