North Division Street 1.17 MW, New York. 46% gain in Power Output

North Division Street, New York.  NORCAN successfully commissioned a challenging yet very interesting modernization of an old hydropower plant from the ground up as the Water to Wire supplier.  The old powerhouse had a Pump As Turbine (PAT) of 800 kW replaced with a modern NORCAN exclusive “Complex-Angle” KAPLAN Saxo turbine (Z-Type KAPLAN) to fit in a tight powerhouse footprint due to restrictions in building space adjacent to a busy street and roundabout. The new generating unit rose the existing power output from 800 kW to a maximum power output of 1.17 MW 46.87% in gain with NORCAN modern hydraulic geometries for more power output significantly increasing the annual energy production for a sustainable future supporting building climate resilience while maximizing the power plant revenue for decades of dependable operations. NORCAN scope of work included engineering, R&D, Design, Project Management, Manufacturing, Generator delivery, W2W, Installation (GRACON LLC), and Commissioning with State-of-the-Art with the best quality made in Canada with core components sourced in Canada and the U.S.A.

The North Division Street redevelopment and modernization generating over 46% the previous hydropower assets power output with NORCAN high performances Saxo turbine and balance of plant demonstrate that hydropower is an essential part of mitigating climate change, and supporting the climate resilience.