Bracebridge, Ontario

The Bracebridge hydropower station was originally built in 1902 with 300 kW of output. In 1905, in order to meet growing demand, a second 300 kW turbine was added to the building. The most recent upgrade saw the replacement of the two existing Barber turbines with one Kaplan S-Type turbine from Norcan. There are two aspects to this project that really stand out. The first one is that in order to maintain the history, the heritage look of the powerhouse. The exterior of the building was maintained, while the insides were removed by the contractor to make way for a new layout and modern equipment. The second noteworthy detail is that before the project, the total capacity of the station was only 600 kW. We supplied a generator, engineered, manufactured, installed and commissioned a Kaplan S-Type turbine with a runner size of 83 in., 2108 mm. The total capacity of the plant went from 600 kW to over 2400 kW. Norcan provides innovative turbine solutions.