Bracebridge Falls 2.44 MW, Ontario four times the power output increase from 600 kW to 2446 kW

NORCAN successfully completed and commissioned the Bracebridge Falls new greenfield power plant replacing an old hydroelectric generating station originally built in 1901. The redevelopment expansion is delivering over four times its original generating capacity with a new powerhouse and modern generating unit with 1 x new NORCAN KAPLAN S-Type from 600 kW to 2446 kW gain in power output – 257 RPM – New KAPLAN runner diameter 2108-mm / 83-in. 2.44 MW KAPLAN S-Type with NORCAN modern hydraulic geometries, new generator, and W2W delivery drastically increasing the annual energy production with reliable, sustainable energy to support the climate resilience, with decades of dependable operations. NORCAN scope of work included engineering, R&D, Design, Project Management, Manufacturing of the Turbine, supply of the Generator and W2W, Installation, and Commissioning with best quality made in Canada with core components sourced in Canada and the U.S.A.

The Bracebridge Falls redevelopment and modernization generating over four times the previous hydropower assets power output with NORCAN high performances turbines and balance of plant demonstrate that hydropower is an essential part of mitigating climate change, and supporting the climate resilience.