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NORCAN Services, Field Services and After Sales Focus on Preventive to Predictive Maintenance

NORCAN Services, Field Services & Installations is your “One-Stop Full Services Provider,” offering a full scope of services from the inspection of a single component replacement, upgrade, or to the modernization of your entire hydropower plant. NORCAN Services’ capabilities and expertise are well known for its valued long-time experience, know-how “local” engineering, fabrication, and machining workshop advantages with an excellent proven reputation for quality consistent with NORCAN internal QA-QC-QMS-ISO compliances and its stringent DWIM processes.

As a turbine manufacturer, NORCAN field services have the expertise and tailor-made solutions to promptly meet all your hydropower services, inspections, or repairs requirements. NORCAN emphasizes reducing costs to outage time with the best-in-class quality, focusing on preventive to predictive maintenance for dependable operations, maximizing plant owners’ revenue for decades.

Central northeast workshop locations ensure 24hr to 36hr emergency response time coverage in the northeast to Midwest regions in Canada and the United States for unscheduled downtime.

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NORCAN After Sales Services From the Holistic Hydroelectric Power Plant System Integrator

NORCAN is ready to manage the maintenance of your hydropower facility with our annual all-inclusive services contract agreement to ensure flawless operations of your investment for decades of trouble-free dependable green energy production, maximizing your revenue.  NORCAN goes beyond being “just another service provider.  NORCAN has a proven solid engineering-R&D design department.  NORCAN is also a manufacturer of hydropower turbines, a balance of plant components with the best-in-class quality made in Canada.

NORCAN is the holistic hydroelectric power plant system integrator, and it’s the backbone of our expertise. It provides our customers expert preventive to predictive maintenance services for predictable and dependable operations delivering Total Cost Ownership Advantage (TCOA) solutions to the hydropower plant owners, maximizing their revenue while supporting Climate Resilience.

NORCAN’s technical field and after-sales services is a fully integrated value chain, your “one-stop full services provider” for the benefit of NORCAN’s customers.  Your one point of contact taking ownership of your work with competitive costs and services experience, NORCAN strives for total customer satisfaction. It’s in NORCAN’s DNA.

NORCAN Inspection of Hydropower Plants for Generating Units Failure Prevention

NORCAN inspection team is your failure prevention support and unstable operations with a mitigation plan for flawless operations that provides predictable peace of mind operations, protects your assets, and maximizes revenue for decades while producing green energy.  NORCAN inspection team is not just a team of generalists with general knowledge. NORCAN is the hydropower expert relying on our competencies as hydropower turbine manufacturers and complete balance of plant with our engineering team and R&D, local production and manufacturing, sourcing, and installation support.  When NORCAN‘s inspection team recommends the next steps to protect your asset, it relies on proven solid hydropower expertise, thus ensuring that your plant will not face a predictable failure with a costly outage due to a lack of correct inspection maintenance with root cause analysis.  NORCAN inspection is the essence of preventive to predictive maintenance by helping the plant owners and the plant operator with strategic decisions to extend the dependable service life cycle, ensuring maximum revenue.