NORCAN Strong Competencies and Experience in Engineering & R&D provide a Holistic Approach for Hydropower Higher Efficiencies Optimization with Dependability.

NORCAN’s Engineering and R&D philosophy provides a highly integrated and holistic approach to concurrent engineering, with skilled and experienced multidisciplinary licensed professional engineers and mechanical designers working within cross-functional teams. NORCAN‘s engineering team excels in standardized or highly tailor-made best-in-class engineered solutions spanning from turbines, generators, water to wire systems, and the balance of plant.  Since 1992 NORCAN has been a proven reliable partner delivering Total Cost Ownership Advantage (TCOA) solutions to the hydropower plant owners by reducing production downtime for the brownfield modernization projects and greenfield project inception to the first kW generated through intelligent design, manufacturing, procurement, installation, and after-sales. NORCAN’s turbines and generators with the highest efficiencies and modern technologies are tailored to each site’s parameters maximizing production and revenue. Regardless of the size of the project, they achieve the shortest project execution timelines encompassing engineering and design, production, manufacturing, procurement, installation, commissioning, performance testing, and operator training. NORCAN’s Engineering and R&D solutions for plant modernization through turbine upgrade, turbine replacement, runner replacement, or complete water to wire system are designed to deliver many decades of dependable operations and sustainable energy production maximizing predictable revenue for our customers.

NORCAN Engineering Core of Competencies

  • Design selection & Engineering NORCAN core DNA, in-house
  • Vault of Knowledge & Intelligence NORCAN Proprietary Intellectual assets from developed projects in-house.
  • Complete Power Plant Definition, Simulations, and Analysis, in-house
  • FEA, FMEA, CFD Analysis, in-house in cooperation with the top Hydraulic Fluid Machinery Lab in Europe
  • CAD to CNC processing machines via CAM programs, in-house
  • Casting, Forging, Weldment, Machined Part model to draw, in-house
  • Generator Definition and Valued-Added Engineering, in-house.
  • Direct Drive Solution Definition with PMG & Conventional Generator, in-house.
  • Gearbox Definition and Value-Added Engineering, in-house.
  • Unique Proven Expertise in Complex Modernization Solution, in-house.
  • Strong Multidisciplinary Engineering and R&D Expertise (Hydraulic, Mechanical, and Electrical), in-house.
  • Design including Civil Construction Optimizing Energy Annual Production, in-house.
  • Strong Expertise in Complete Green Field or Brown Field Power Plants Conceptual.
  • Mechanical and Hydraulic Balance of Plant Definition and Valued-Added Engineering, in-house.
  • eBOP, Control, Supervisory, Protection, Switchgear, Substation, and Digitalization System in-house and cooperation.

CAD to CNC via CAM

NORCAN’s design data for highly stressed hydraulic surfaces is transferred to the CNC processing machines via CAM programs.  NORCAN’s modern hydraulic components are optimized for maximum efficiency through in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and by  R&D FEA and FMEA engineers working together in cooperation with a world-leading hydraulic fluid mechanical dynamic laboratory in Austria. Runner efficiencies are confirmed by model tests based on homologous runners. NORCAN Engineering ensures the integrity of all designs from CAD models to finished products using state-of-the-art 3D Laser measuring technology (LEICA and FARO) with dimensional accuracy down to a few thousandths of an inch.  The QA, QC process is driven by IEC standards and NORCAN engineering’s strict internal quality standards. Our highly qualified technologists perform thorough inspection and quality document management under the supervision of our quality management manager.

Digital Twin Advantages

NORCAN’s engineering and R&D achieve spatial and multi-physics advantages through our reliable and robust three-dimensional designs, ensuring a solid basis for optimizing our turbines and peripherals equipment for your project. CAD is utilized from the first moment of your project as the foundation for simulation and analysis. For turbine or runner project modernization NORCAN R&D department capture all of our customer’s existing turbine and generator 3D data by Reverse Engineering using 3D Laser measuring technology (LEICA and FARO), ensuring that all detail is captured.  Our expert and experienced engineering process is the foundation we build on for accurate production, manufacturing, and installation plans, ensuring state-of-the-art solutions alongside best-in-class quality made in Canada from Core Components sourced in Canada and the U.S.A.