Production & Manufacturing

Lean and Agile Production and Manufacturing

Multi-Layer processes incorporate several centers of expertise with a deployed Quality Assurance – Quality Control – Quality Management with holistic integration of ISO 9001-2015 process and NORCAN’s own DWIM Detail Work Instruction Manuals designed individually for different turbine types and peripherals. These principles and processes are particularly significant in the modernization of complex projects with seamless interaction and support between Engineering, R & R&D, Supply Chain Management, Planning, QA-QC-QM-ISO Compliance, and Project Management, ensuring the best quality on-time delivery.

Production and Manufacturing Process Distribution

Patterns and Castings Outsourced

Non-Destructive testing In-house & Outsourced

Rough machining In-house & Outsourced

Finishing machining In-house & Outsourced

Grinding (layout & calibration of vent openings) In-house

Sand Blasting In-house

Painting In-house

Turbine assembly, final fit & FAT In-house

Balancing In-house & Outsourced

Inspection QA–QC Process ISO System 9001-2015 – DWIM In-house

Where skill and expertise from a quality culture craftsmanship philosophy, converge successfully with agile and lean processes! Best quality Made in Canada