Workshop Overview & Machines Park

Valuable production and manufacturing workshop with local proximity made in Canada

Canadian and American customers particularly value the local proximity of the engineering resources, production, and manufacturing facilities of NORCAN as a turbine manufacturer and W2W supplier, because it reduces overseas logistical risks and the overall Carbon Footprint for the driver of their renewable energy from their hydropower plants. Consequently, this explains why NORCAN has maintained recurring high-level North American customers over the years from “blue chips,” independent power producers, utilities, institutional investors, and government agencies.

Fully integrated value chain process in-house

NORCAN‘s workshop and machines park align with our business model of manufacturing new turbines, turbine components, the balance of plant peripheral equipment for modernization of brownfields, and upgrade or greenfield projects. This entails a high degree of customization highly valued by our customers.

Our workshop and machine park offer our customers the benefit of valuable “local” full value chain core components made in Canada from design through production, manufacturing, assembly to FAT, certification, installation, and commissioning. The Full Integration of our value chain provides substantial expertise and know-how with the support of our internal in-house QA – QC quality management while reducing third parties’ dependency. The additional benefit is reducing our carbon footprint throughout processes.