Operations & QMS

Norcan Operations

+Seamless Process Philosophy

Seamless Processes Philosophy. Over the years, NORCAN has deployed an efficient Operational Excellence through Agile and Lean sets of Management and Seamless Processes Principles. NORCAN Operational Excellence Process successfully supports the Company’s Fully Integrated Value Chain by delivering greater flexibility during multiple project execution with a highly efficient team and greater visibility of processes driving best in class quality with on-time delivery.

+Lean and Agile Process

NORCAN Lean and Agile Process benefit reduces waste, allows shorter time-to-delivery, provides best in class quality, on-time delivery, and total costs of ownership competitiveness advantages for the hydropower plant owners.

QA - QC - QMS Quality Management Process

+Quality Assurance – Quality Control – Quality Management System

NORCAN QA-QC-QMS Management Process was first registered in September 1998 and committed to the ISO 9001 Quality Control Management System. QA-QC is in NORCAN DNA; quality first. To pursue their principles and philosophy in QA – QC – QM NORCAN upgraded to ISO program implementing ISO 9001:2015. Besides, NORCAN QA-QC-QMS Processes from Engineering, R&D, Supply Chain Management, Production, Manufacturing, Assembly, FAT, Installation & Commissioning are supported by their backbone library of Detail Work Instructions Manuals for Compliances (DWI).  NORCAN is ISNetworld Certified.

+Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality Policy, ED&I Policy, and the HSE Policy

A full-time Quality Manager has resulted in further improved documentation and analysis of non-conformance reports. The QA-QC-QMS Manager is providing better information to initiate corrective action and eliminate any errors or inefficiencies.

+Detail Work Instruction Manual - Technical Library (DWI)

NORCAN Detail Work Instruction Manuals (DWI) are a holistic part of QA-QC and Quality Management processes, ISO 9001-2015 compliances, and NORCAN Agile and Lean deployed Processes.  The DWI manuals library addresses specific procedures and instructions on quality, safety, machining, and production best practices process (machining & Inspection).   Clear sets of explanations, concepts & understanding, and expectations of ISO 9001-2015 together with NORCAN company philosophy principles.  NORCAN proprietary DWI manuals address processes and best practices in engineering, machines park, preventive maintenance, planning, Project Management, sourcing, contracts, production, manufacturing, control plans, audit, reporting safety plans, assembly, Factory Acceptance Test, installation, commissioning, safety and health, environmental plans, conflict, and claims.  NORCAN DWI also addresses Internal & External stakeholders’ feedback, including customer relationship best practices.

+Continuous Improvement

NORCAN solid QA-QC-QMS leads to Continuous Improvement from compliance review, lessons learned from projects, sourcing, manufacturing, production, engineering, project management, installation, and commissioning.