Operational Footprint Headquarter and Manufacturing Facilities

Plant Footprint

22,200-SQ FT. 2,062 m2 Manufacturing Facility, including: 800 SQ. FT. 74.32 m2 (Grinding Area)

1,500-SQ FT. 139.3 m2 Welding Area (incl. 7.5 TON Overhead Crane)

6,000-SQ FT. 445.9 m2 Light Machining Area (incl. 5 TON Overhead Crane)

3,800-SQ FT. 353.0 m2 Assembly Area (incl. 20 TON Overhead Crane)

3,200-SQ FT. 297.2 m2 Engineering & Administrative Office 1300 SQ. FT. 120.7 m2 (Covered Storage Area)

13,600-SQ FT. 1,263.4 m2 Open Fenced Storage Area

Strategic Location.

There are numerous large manufacturing industries near the area where NORCAN operations are located. In addition, this favorable location has local engineering, technical universities, and manufacturing expertise which allow NORCAN to find talented and well-trained designers, engineers, project managers, drafting technicians, technologists, millwrights, CNC operators, and technicians. This location with technical solid know-how and tradition has enabled NORCAN to run a very lean, agile, and efficient organization over the years.