Company Profile

Cascade Ontario Green Field Project Complete W2W KAPLAN S-Type turbine 3160 kW - 240 RPM – ∅ 90.5-in (2300mm)

Company Profile

NORCAN is a renowned Canadian leader in designing and manufacturing turbines and related components for hydropower plants. NORCAN competencies include engineering, R&D, production, manufacturing, installation, repair, modernization, services, and maintenance of KAPLAN turbine, Propeller turbine, FRANCIS turbine, FRANCIS Camelback turbine, PELTON turbine, and BARBER turbines in the range of 200 kW to 30 MW. NORCAN is a leader for providing quality, competitively priced products, combined with reliable, dependable, and diligent professional services on time and schedule. In addition, NORCAN specializes in the modernization and upgrade of existing hydropower installations, emphasizing increased efficiency, dependability with enhanced annual energy production maximizing revenue for the hydropower plant owner.

NORCAN has been providing cost effective, dependable state-of-the-art solutions, delivering Total Cost Ownership Advantage (TCOA) solutions to the hydropower plant owners with best quality made in Canada to customers worldwide since 1992.

Production and manufacturing of core components sourced in Canada and the USA best quality made in Canada in our local workshop

NORCAN‘s strong reputation in the hydropower markets stands for best-in-class quality with on-time delivery. NORCAN stringent Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Management System, committed to ISO 9001-2015 produced and manufactured in its local manufacturing facility, is the core backbone of NORCAN reputation, best quality made in Canada.

Mission Statement

NORCAN’s mission is to help mitigate climate change with modern and proven hydropower sustainable technologies while increasing our customers’ total satisfaction with high-quality services and products designed and manufactured to deliver renewable energy with dependable state-of-the-art technology for decades.  We strive for the best quality made in Canada from core components sourced in Canada and the U.S.A to help reduce our carbon footprint to support climate resilience responsibly step by step, one hydro powerhouse by one hydro powerhouse for a sustainable world.

NORCAN Core Values

People: are the key to our success. NORCAN is committed to the health and safety of our employees and continuous investments in their training and development.

Diversity: NORCAN is an Equal Opportunities company committed to adhering to the Codes stipulated by “Ontario Human Rights Commission” and fair employment practices, recognizing the right of all people to work in a safe and diverse environment. NORCAN promotes the well-being of our employees, partners, and other stakeholders based on mutual understanding and respect, benefiting from multi-culturalism. Currently, at NORCAN our staff includes English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, and Farsi speaking personnel.

Reputation: NORCAN strives to embody honesty, integrity, reliability, quality, professionalism to deliver the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Sustainability of The Environment

NORCAN philosophy, we must be a responsible steward of the environment for future generations. Therefore NORCAN is 100% committed to the sustainability of the environment through the maintenance and development of renewable energy. NORCAN is committed to 100% renewable energy for its manufacturing process, environmental sustainability for its sourcing with reduced carbon footprint, and sustainable recycling throughout its operations. NORCAN is privileged, proud, and honored to have several high-performance generating units ensuring decades of sustainable dependable operations in projects that the Low Impact Hydropower Institute has awarded a Low Impact Hydropower Certificate.  


NORCAN’s Head office and 22,200 sq ft (2062 m2) manufacturing facilities are strategically located to serve all North America in the Town of Carleton Place, Ontario, approximately 30 minutes west of Ottawa, Canada’s capital.


NORCAN Hydraulic Turbine Inc. is a privately-owned Canadian corporation. Incorporated in 1992 in Ontario. NORCAN was formed to compete in the hydro manufacturing and services market. NORCAN is 100% owned by Joe Martin and Ronald Levesque.

Our success relies on our people, our reputation, our integrity, our lean and agile operations delivering best-in-class quality and modern technology with on-time delivery made in Canada. NORCAN strives for a dependable total cost of ownership advantage for our customer's investment. NORCAN’s company DNA philosophy is taking full ownership of your work during and after your project execution for total customer satisfaction, regardless of what it takes! The quality of a relationship may often take years to be recognized, NORCAN is and always will be there to serve you and your hydroelectric assets!

Joe Martin

president & owner of NORCAN

Ronald Levesque

vice-president and owner of NORCAN